Pizza in Washington Square Park

I took this picture in Washington Square Park as part of an assignment in my Street Photography class. The assignment was to approach strangers and ask them permission to take their picture. I first spied a young couple sharing a pizza for dinner. What caught my attention was the gentleman taking an i-phone picture of his lady with a pizza slice hanging from her mouth. These were my kind of strangers. The two were great sports and we all had fun composing the image. The gentleman gave me his e-mail when I offered to send them a copy. On the paper scrap, he drew a picture of two circles with a triangle “hanging” from each so that I would remember which picture to send. When I sent it to them, I immediately received a thank you back with the message: “You may be interested to know that we actually took that abstract sketch of pizza hanging out of our mouths, and later that day got a tattoo!” Commitment – and a favorite picture story.
Couple in Washington Square Park eating pizza by mcmessner