MC is for Mary Catherine. I live in New York City.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures but when I started serious travel a few years ago, photography became a passion. So much so, I left my job to immerse myself in photography classes. In a short period, I have not only become more educated, I have become obsessed. My biggest lesson learned:  photography is not only a creative outlet, it makes me happy.  A day is always better when I am out shooting.

Taking photographs has introduced me to a new language, new technology, and a new way of thinking.  It has changed the way I look at the world. I now look for falling light, see details once missed and spot small gestures that used to go unnoticed. 

Although taking pictures is often a solitary pursuit, my camera encourages me to introduce myself to strangers and provides me access to new cultures. The pretense of taking a picture has very often been the preface to a wonderful adventure.

It can only get better.